"...a welcome change of pace in this genre."

Diamond Roulette: Lloyd & Ladbrook Book 1

Diamond Roulette: Lloyd & Ladbrook Book 1

Treasure hunters, mafia, assassins all wrapped in a mystery.

Washed up mixed-martial-artist, Jonathan Lloyd, is after a career change. His lecturer, Simon Ladbrook, is an ex-treasure hunter trying to escape his past.

Ladbrook introduces Lloyd to the D&E, a dangerous stock exchange for treasure hunters loaded with ex-special forces, assassins, criminals, top sportsmen, and whoever else is willing to put it all on the line.

When the Orlov diamond is stolen from the Kremlin, Ladbrook takes Lloyd into secret tunnels beneath Moscow. For Lloyd, what should have been a straightforward introduction to the world of treasure hunting becomes a deadly game with treachery at every turn.

Join Lloyd and Ladbrook in their first fast-paced action adventure, thriller. A place where quick thinking is as important as fighting skills, and second chances in life come at a price.

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